We are an ever-evolving family of faith, compassion, and innovation, created by God to live lives of wholeness, compelled by God to learn the ministry of Jesus, and called by God to liberate the world through Love.

We of the Fountain Fellowship are a family of baptized believers in Jesus Christ.  We believe in the good news of the Gospel that proclaims Jesus as Son of God and Savior of the world. We believe Jesus was God in the flesh, and through Him we can encounter God as our Father/Mother. We believe we are the body of Christ and that Christ is the head of the church.

We believe in the gift and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that enabled Jesus to be like us, enables us to be like Jesus. It’s the Holy Spirit that helps us to receive Christ and to be what Christ would have us to be.

We believe that those of us who know Christ are obligated to share the good news of the gospel that all who hear and receive the gospel will be saved when they believe. We believe that salvation is not just about eternity beyond time, it is also something that makes a difference as we journey through time.

We believe that the presence of God is with us in the here and now, and we believe we will be with God when we step out of time into eternity. We believe we can live the abundant life now, as we are on our way to life everlasting.

We believe in what God has revealed to us through Jesus and we are open to what Jesus reveals by way of the Holy Spirit. We are grateful for what we have become through Christ, and we are receptive to whatever it is that God would have us to become.

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